8 Attitudes and Face Slander Charges
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May be among us for life never slandered or accused. There is accused of being a liar, selfish, heartless, traitor, thief, accused of cheating, say unjust, hypocritical, misguided, or other charges. In fact, including unjust, accusing and slandering others with something that was not done. If you are accused and slandered by someone, but you sure are not guilty then there are eight attitude we should do.

1. Let us check and we learn again lest others alleged is true. If it turns out we're wrong, do not be shy and prestige to admit mistakes and follow the truth. Although, the way people are advising us or may mean to be rude either .

2. Fixing our words or actions that cause people slander us. For example, the mosque treasurer accused of stealing cash money due to lack of transparency in the financial statements. Thus, the report should be made neat and clear. If someone is accused of "rogue" because often associate with those "naughty", be selective in choosing friends.

3. Think of the disgrace and our sins. Shaykh Salim Al- Hilali said: "If you clean from the alleged error, but actually you do not survive the mistakes of others because the man actually has a lot of errors. God's fault that cover more numerous than humans. Remember Allah 's favor in which he did not show the accuser lacked - other shortcomings .... " ( Quoted from the book Ar Riyaa page 68 ).

4. Let us reflect and evaluate faults and our sins. Whether related to muamalah between humans, and between our sins to God. Accusations and slander can be a warning that we should go back and repent to Allah .

5. If we are patient and sincere, hopefully accusations and slanders can reduce / remove sin , increase the reward , and improve our degrees in his side.

6. Accuser Pray that God will give you instructions . If possible , encourage him directly or through insinuation that he can be aware and repent . Forgive him , but we should reply to a benefit as long as it does not exceed the limit . ( See Surah Asy Syuuraa 40-43 ) . If forced to , pray for the evil tyrant that he became aware of and repent .

7. Istikharah prayer asking for God's guidance for the proper way to clarify or defend themselves . Wait and argue sometimes ugliness has opened the door for us . It may be that , without mentioning clarification on allegations about him and without mentioning the name of the accuser will provide benefits to many people .

8. Rest assured unfortunate accusation is goodness for you . The accuser is lost because he had committed a crime and is entitled to his doom . Allah says , " .... Think not news ( false ) it is bad for you , it's even better for you . Every one of them will get the sin he had done .... " ( Surah an Nuur 11 ) .

" Indeed , those who accuse women of good , unsuspecting and faithful ( with charges of adultery ) , they are accursed in this world and the Hereafter , and they will have a great punishment . " ( Qur'an Surah an Nuur 23 ) . May we be a people who fear Allah with no easily accuse others without proof and can respond wisely when he gets libel .


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